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Getting your Grant Application in quickly!

Tired of the complex Federal Grants website? Direct links and a quick guide to the documents you'll need from your accountant to complete the application quickly!

Quick Guide – Energy Efficient Communities Program

Ergon Tariff 50: What it Means for You!

Are you struggling to navigate the nuances of the various Ergon tariffs?

With electricity being an essential part of most businesses, knowing the best tariffs for how you use energy can make a huge difference for the associated costs.

With the large number of options available, the best option for your business can be difficult to determine.

Ergon Tariffs are Changing in 2021! Read our full article on important considerations for Ergon Tariff 50.

Solar sizing: how to make sure you have the right amount

Solar systems are often sold on how much ‘free’ energy they will provide.

However, over-capitalisation of systems may mean you have to wait for many years before the system is paid off and the energy becomes ‘free'. On top of this, ongoing costs are incurred to support regular monitoring and maintenance of the system to ensure it is performing as expected.

So, what does this mean for solar systems? Are they all that they are hyped up to be?

Solar Sizing: Don’t pay more for what you don’t need! Read our full article here.