Planning for any facility upgrade requires attention to detail, a focus on quality data and an understanding of real world energy efficiency performance, that can only be obtained through experience.

From historical data analysis to identify trends right down to real time data logging of individual pieces of equipment, we focus on quality data to inform our engineering analysis.

Our key point of difference comes from the fact we finance many projects using our Australian First Energy Efficiency Partnerships (EEP) funding model.

Given we have real investment in our report recommendations we have excelled at building a company that understands return on investment from energy efficiency upgrades.

Our site assessment and energy audit services include:
• Energy Tariff Review
• Savings Review (refrigeration, lighting, HVAC, power factor upgrades)
• Peak Demand Reduction
• Detailed Whole of Facilities Audit
• Portable Data Logging (18 energy circuits @ 1-min data resolution)
• HVAC savings assessment
• Solar PV modelling / sizing
• Tariff reclassification (Energex tariff 8300 to 8500)
• Measurement and Verification (M&V) of project savings
• Sub metering design and implementation