In our work with Growcom we are focused on delivering highly energy efficient horticultural operations fully powered by on-site and/or off-site renewables. Demonstrating profitable pathways to meet a zero carbon target mandate is a shared strategic priority.

Key projects and focus areas to date:

  • We have also jointly pioneered development of an industry wide energy saving program – Energy240
  • Energy240 aims at practically developing options for growers to target “Net Carbon Zero by 2050 (NCZ2050)” as per the recent announcement from the National Farmers Federation
  • This project was inspired by financial returns indentified in the Energy Savers Plus Extension Program where we performed on-farm energy audits to Australian Standard 3598


The graphic below outlines project outcomes from ten participating horticultural businesses in the Energy Savers Plus Extension Program. The chart shows overall electricity usage for all businesses and identified annual cost savings. It also outlines annual kWh savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions identified based on these projects being implemented. We give credit to the team at Queensland Farmers Federation and the Queensland State Government for funding this initial program presented below, as this has led to significant interest and momentum in energy efficiency / net zero carbon.