Energy and Water Efficiency Partnerships (EWEP)

From engineering assessment to implementation, we have a unique Australian First business model that assists your facility in achieving significant cost savings.

We provide the engineering expertise, we invest the capital to achieve $250,000 – $1.5M in energy and water cost savings within your facility, we take the risk.

At a glance:

  • $250,000 – $1.5M in energy, water and gas cost savings 
  • Websters Group fully fund equipment upgrades
  • $0 upfront options, with energy and water savings as repayment
  • We guarantee performance of trusted third-party suppliers, using energy and water cost savings as repayment
  • If there are less savings you don’t pay extra, Websters Group takes the risk


No upfront cost options

Websters Group funds equipment, installation and engineering with no upfront cost (for projects with a payback period less than 5 years). 

Capital improvements can also assist in reducing maintenance and replacement costs for old equipment.

Advanced Project Expertise

Websters Group have delivered over $10M in energy and water cost savings for our valued clients.

Our focus is on maximising return on investment from advanced energy and water efficiency projects onsite.

A new model is possible!

Stategic Implementation

Installation and engineering provided within an EPIC implementation model (Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning).

Simple and transparent smart energy and water metering systems used to verify savings as repayment post upgrade.


Aliant Foods

Total Savings: $62,000

After an EWEP partnership was formed, we conducted an engineering assessment across a small portfolio of cold storage facilities. We then immediately funded the implementation of an appropriately sized solar PV system. Projects analysed also included LED lighting and timer switches to reduce refrigerated truck cooling demands (reducing peak demand charges on tariff 8300).


Munduberra Farm

Total Savings: $180,000

Following an EWEP partnership, we assisted in designing new efficient irrigation schedules and immediately funded $54,000 in irrigation upgrades. This included 20 soil moisture sensors strategically placed accross 120ha+ to improve crop productivity. Further to this we then funded a $57,000 booster pump to improve irrigation efficiency while significantly reducing irrigation energy costs. Here the energy savings pay for a needed pump upgrade, while improving on-farm water security (with $0 upfront).

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